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Welcome to Lotus Notes, YourCo's e-mail, calendaring, and collaboration platform. Below you will find a sampling of tips for Lotus Notes and/or Domino Web Access. Click each link to open and read the tip.

You will want to review the tip on changing your password, if you haven't already been walked through the password change process. Next, you'll want to create your signature block for your email. Feel free to look through all the tips as you have time, or use the built-in help feature in Notes by hitting the F1 key for help related to the task you're performing. As new tips are added, you'll get email notification, along with a monthly recap of all tips that are available.

For outside contacts, your email address is: } + Cstr(Inetaddress) + {

A sample of Notes Tips you may find helpful now:

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Here's a link to the Notes Signature Wizard to create or update your mail signature: }) Call stream.WriteText ({
Visit the Notes Tips database for more tips. If you are using a browser, please go to http://dwaserver.domain.com/tips/notestips.nsf to view the tips.
If you need assistance with Notes, please call the Helpdesk at 888-555-1234.
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