VMWare Fusion 12 Network Issue

Updated the VMWare Fusion install on my MacBook Pro yesterday and I came across an issue after starting Fusion, upgrading the Windows VM and trying to access a network resource - local and internet. Basically, it couldn’t get an IP address, using either sharing the IP with my Mac or using WiFi directly.

A search on the internet found some issues reported using betas of Big Sur, which I am not using. Basically, they found that removing a plist file and killing the configd task (if it was running) resolved the issue. So, I tried it and it worked for me. The command to use from your terminal, after quitting Fusion, is:

sudo rm /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist && sudo killall -9 configd

Then you can start Fusion, start up your VM and you’ll get a network connection.

Now, I wait for the first set of updates for Big Sur and I’ll think about upgrading. 😏

Reference: VMWare Fusion Discussion