Domino 12.0.2 SAML Not Sending User to Originating URL

Fresh off the press is a new Knowledge Base article at HCL that describes an event where a user authenticating via SAML is not being sent to the originally requested URL after authentication, but is sent to the home URL for the site. This affects new or upgraded Domino 12.0.2 servers. The cause for this is the new default setting for samesite=strict that is added to the relay state cookie. The notes. [Read More]

I'll be presenting at the HCL Factory Tour Milan

HCL Factory Tour Milan

I’m excited to be presenting next week at the HCL Factory Tour in Milan. My session is on upgrading to HCL Domino 12. This has been a popular topic among our Lab Services customers, so we’re glad to share some of our experiences with customers.

If you’re attending, I look forward to seeing you there!

Domino Actually Does Need To Be Restarted Regularly

For those of us that have run Domino for a long time, one of our bragging points has been that Domino can run for a long time without needing a restart. This was especially true if we were running on System i/iSeries/AS400. Windows servers seemed less likely to have long times between restarts. Well, apparently this isn’t a great idea according to a new Defect Article from HCL Support. If Domino is running for about 248 days, the creation date of Domino documents can be incorrect if a copy-style compact or server restart isn’t performed. [Read More]

Sametime Proxy 11.5 and Wildcard TLS Certs

I’m working on a new Sametime 11.5 install and was setting up the Sametime Proxy. The install went very smoothly, but it came time to setup the TLS and the client uses a wildcard certificate. The HCL documentation is written to use the JKS (Java Key Store) format, which it notes is a propietary format even though PKCS12 is also supported in Tomcat. Interestingly, the APNS certs included with Sametime Proxy are in the PKCS12 format as well. [Read More]

Domino Transaction Logs and Drives with 4k Sectors

I’m working with a client moving their on-premises data center to Azure. We’re getting the first Domino servers configured there to test performance. I’m not an Azure expert, so the client is also working with someone who is. And while configuring the new servers for transaction logging, we came across and issue that neither had seen before. Azure uses 4k sector sizes on its drives by default and while that is working fine for the drives running the Domino progream and storing the Domino data, when we went to enable transaction logging, Domino crashed as the log files were being generated, just as the last file was being created. [Read More]

VMWare Fusion 12 Network Issue

Updated the VMWare Fusion install on my MacBook Pro yesterday and I came across an issue after starting Fusion, upgrading the Windows VM and trying to access a network resource - local and internet. Basically, it couldn’t get an IP address, using either sharing the IP with my Mac or using WiFi directly. A search on the internet found some issues reported using betas of Big Sur, which I am not using. [Read More]

Configuring HAProxy Service on CentOS

I’ve worked with a customer to get a HAProxy load balancer setup on CentOS 8.0 and ran into an issue with the service that was created. If the Linux VM was restarted, HAProxy would fail to start and it appeared to be related to the network not being available. Looking around the interwebs, I found the option that was added by default was the culprit. In the haproxy.service file there is a [Unit] section that assigns when the service should start up and it was set to: [Read More]

Salesforce Idea Prioritization Time

It’s time to get in and help prioritize the top ideas in the Salesforce IdeaExchange. The deadling is 11pm PDT on June 1. Visit the IdeaExchange prioritization site and use your 100 coin allowance to choose among the top ideas that could make it into a future release of Salesforce. These ideas have been submitted by customers and then up-voted by the community before finally being selected by the Product Management folks to be voted on. [Read More]

Issue with Sametime Proxy 9.0.1 and Chrome 83

I received a call from a client that has Sametime 9.0.1 running in their environment and the issue was a user couldn’t login to the Sametime Proxy site any longer. I tested it and it was working fine, and at that point only one person had complained. We eventually determined that the issue was if the user was using the Chrome browser and they had just updated to the latest version (83 if you’re keeping score). [Read More]

IBM Knowledge Centers for Former ICS Products Closed

It looks like IBM has sunset the Knowledge Centers for the former IBM Collaboration products. Searching for something today took me to a page that announced that Domino was no longer supported by IBM and a link to the HCL support site. So, if you need any help with HCL Collaboration stuff, go to I’ve been noticing more of their sites showing up in Google searches recently, so we should see that continue to trend and hopefully a removal of the IBM links (not holding my breath on that one). [Read More]
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