Configuring HAProxy Service on CentOS

I’ve worked with a customer to get a HAProxy load balancer setup on CentOS 8.0 and ran into an issue with the service that was created. If the Linux VM was restarted, HAProxy would fail to start and it appeared to be related to the network not being available. Looking around the interwebs, I found the option that was added by default was the culprit. In the haproxy.service file there is a [Unit] section that assigns when the service should start up and it was set to: [Read More]

Salesforce Idea Prioritization Time

It’s time to get in and help prioritize the top ideas in the Salesforce IdeaExchange. The deadling is 11pm PDT on June 1. Visit the IdeaExchange prioritization site and use your 100 coin allowance to choose among the top ideas that could make it into a future release of Salesforce. These ideas have been submitted by customers and then up-voted by the community before finally being selected by the Product Management folks to be voted on. [Read More]

Issue with Sametime Proxy 9.0.1 and Chrome 83

I received a call from a client that has Sametime 9.0.1 running in their environment and the issue was a user couldn’t login to the Sametime Proxy site any longer. I tested it and it was working fine, and at that point only one person had complained. We eventually determined that the issue was if the user was using the Chrome browser and they had just updated to the latest version (83 if you’re keeping score). [Read More]

IBM Knowledge Centers for Former ICS Products Closed

It looks like IBM has sunset the Knowledge Centers for the former IBM Collaboration products. Searching for something today took me to a page that announced that Domino was no longer supported by IBM and a link to the HCL support site. So, if you need any help with HCL Collaboration stuff, go to I’ve been noticing more of their sites showing up in Google searches recently, so we should see that continue to trend and hopefully a removal of the IBM links (not holding my breath on that one). [Read More]
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Salesforce Business Date Formula

Just putting this here so I remember it if I ever need it in the future. There was a Trailblazer community post I came across and thought “I can do that” - and it looks like I did. The OP had a formula he was using to calculate 5 business days before an event date and now needed to change the calculation to 9 days prior. The OP wasn’t sure how to do it. [Read More]

Domino V11 TLS Cipher Configuration

More on HCL Domino V11 - this time on the updated (finally!) configuration of TLS ciphers for your internet protocols! I know - you couldn’t wait for this exciting new feature as you really enjoy maintaining notes.ini parameters! This means the the ol’ SSLCipherSpec isn’t needed any longer as we can use the Internet Site doc to configure the ciphers now. But there is some work that needs to be done as you upgrade your existing servers to the new release. [Read More]
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Salesforce Custom Report Type for Object Metadata

Last week, I was working on a few year-end items, one of which was maintaining my Salesforce Admin certification. Three times a year, Salesforce puts a release out and to maintain your certifications you must complete maintenance which is done on their excellent Trailhead platform. It’s a module and there is a challenge at the end that must be completed to pass. This was my first time going through the certification maintenance. [Read More]

Domino V11 New Web Authentication Options

I have upgraded my lab server to Domino V11 and have started checking some of the new features out. First up, the new option to authenticate web users with their Notes ID passwords from the ID Vault. This is a really nice feature that is working as designed. This basicall allows you to not use the Internet password field for users that have their IDs in the vault, so that’s one less place you have to maintain a password - nice! [Read More]
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Domino V11 and Connections 6.5 Global Launch Video

HCL Domino Earlier today, HCL had a global launch event for Domino v11 and Connections 6.5 in Tokyo. For those that couldn’t attend, there is now a video posted on YouTube that replays the event

Check it out. I was still asleep (Pacific time zone) when it happened, so I’ll be looking at it and will have some comments.

Congrats to HCL on the new release and products!

Sametime Proxy Login Errors

A long-time customer contacted me today about an issue they were having with their Sametime Proxy. Users could login just fine from the Notes and Sametime clients, but users from Connections and mobile phones were getting the message “Chat is temporarily unavailable.” Looking through the logs on the ST Proxy didn’t give any useful messages, just CommunityServ W CLFRX0030E: Login is not completed in 30 seconds. User "" will be logged out. [Read More]