IBM Connections 5.5 - Errors in SystemOut.log cleaning up HOMEPAGE database

Working with a client on IBM Connections 5.5 CR1, they were noticing errors in the SystemOut.log of the InfraCluster around 11pm regularly. Lately, the errors were filling up 1GB of logs for a minute when it occurred.

The “critical” piece of information was the line below:

Error for batch element #1: A parent row cannot be deleted Page 10 of 67 because the relationship "HOMEPAGE.NR_READ_STATUS.FK_READ_STATUS_STR" restricts the deletion.. SQLCODE=-532, SQLSTATE=23504, DRIVER=4.19.49

We looked through the logs to find which entry it was, but couldn’t find anything specific in the logs or the DB2DIAG log. It looked like it was trying to delete newsletter stories, but that’s as close as we could get.

A PMR was opened with IBM and after reviewing the logs, we were told it was a known issue and there was a fix planned for CR3, but one is available for CR1 now. I’m guessing that a version for CR2 is available as well.

If that error is popping up in your logs, open a PMR and request the fix LO90678.

As I was searching on the fix, I happened across a link to a IBM technote (login required for this one) regarding this entry. Not much info beyond that this appears to be an issue in 5.5 and later CRs, but has the full stack of the error if you’re interested.

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