Startup Beans and Adding Additional Nodes in Connections

Last week, working with a customer that had setup a two-node install of Connections 5.5. Getting ready to go live and we noticed an issue in the SystemOut log of the InfraCluster when the server would start or when the search index task would run.

CLFRW0454E: Unable to get indexing information about the current server, the index will not be built for this server.

We had followed the instructions for adding the new node, and couldn’t determine why we were seeing this issue. Opened a PMR and we got back, after the initial MustGather request, some information to try. Basically, the internal technote indicated that the Startup Beans Service wasn’t enabled in the newly added App Server. Going to the app server’s Container Settings > Container Services > Startup Beans service page and enabling that option followed by a sync and restart solved the issue.

Startup Beans

After that was working, I looked at the other App servers that are part of Connections and noticed that the AppCluster also had that option checked. However, we hadn’t noticed any issues in the logs for that server. It’s enabled now.

Definitely something to look at if you’re adding nodes. I’m not sure why it didn’t work this time, as we’ve performed a similar install without this happening.

Here’s the link to the technote that helped us. It was published the day after our PMR was opened. (Note: The link no longer works now that HCL owns Connections)

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