Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

This week is upgrade week at work. In advance of a major eLearning initiative, we’re upgrading our LMS servers to new hardware. That’s new hardware for the database and the application servers. Add to that, upgrades of the LMS software and the DB2 version, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day!! On top of that, we’re having to push forward our LVC upgrade to this weekend as well. [Read More]

Changing Passwords and Learning Management System Using Domino LDAP

Here’s a little trick that may come in handy for some shops using Lotus LMS and Domino LDAP. We’ve got quite a few users using LMS that don’t have email for one reason or another. This presents the issue of how to get them to change their password after their initial login. Of course we can’t force the change…yet…, but we can give them a link to the change password URL of a Domino server so they can be told to change it and actually be able to change it. [Read More]