Sametime Proxy Login Errors

A long-time customer contacted me today about an issue they were having with their Sametime Proxy. Users could login just fine from the Notes and Sametime clients, but users from Connections and mobile phones were getting the message “Chat is temporarily unavailable.”

Looking through the logs on the ST Proxy didn’t give any useful messages, just CommunityServ W CLFRX0030E: Login is not completed in 30 seconds. User "" will be logged out. We could see messages in the log that the server was connecting to LDAP successfully.

They had searched on that error and the only results they were getting referred to an issue with Windows and IPv6, which these servers had disabled, so that wasn’t it.

Looking at the LDAP server, Domino in this case, showed that there were connections to that server, but not as many as I expected. I recalled that their DNS sent requests to different servers depending on geography, so we looked at the other LDAP server and it has 2x as many connections as this one. Hmm…

More reviewing of logs, console.log files, etc and nothing was looking out of the ordinary. At that point, it was time to suggest the “when all else fails” action of “REBOOT”. I recommended that they restart the ST Proxy server app and node to begin with. We discussed and said there wasn’t anything else that could be impacted more than they were already, so that was the course of action.

The admin stopped the STProxy app server and then the node agent service. They then started the node agent service and we waited a couple of minutes and then one of the people on the call said they were logged in automatically. More testing came back with the same result from Connections and mobile apps. Looking at the Domino server LDAP, we could see many more connections now from the ST server as well.

So, the moral of the story is, sometimes a Restart does fix things.

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