Note to self: Host name is case-sensitive when deploying Sametime servers

Working on a Sametime install for a client and it’s been a little while. I created the Community server deployment plan and started the install on the Community Server. The hostname is kindly populated for me from the OS. It’s got some letters in upper case, but no worries. I click the Next button to get the list of available deployment plans and nothing, zip, nada shows in the window. Hmmm.

I check the Sametime System Console (SSC) and confirm that the deployment plan hasn’t gone the way of the dodo, and no, it’s still there and in the “ready for install” state.

Going back to the Community server, I click the Back button and pay attention to the case of the name. Checking the deployment plan I had entered the hostname in all lower case - as one should. Returning to the Community server I change the hostname in the installer to be all lower case, click Next ’et voila’ - we have the deployment plan I expect to see.

The install continues on it’s happy way and finishes successfully. That’s enough for a Friday afternoon - time for a beverage!

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