Domino Actually Does Need To Be Restarted Regularly

For those of us that have run Domino for a long time, one of our bragging points has been that Domino can run for a long time without needing a restart. This was especially true if we were running on System i/iSeries/AS400. Windows servers seemed less likely to have long times between restarts.

Well, apparently this isn’t a great idea according to a new Defect Article from HCL Support. If Domino is running for about 248 days, the creation date of Domino documents can be incorrect if a copy-style compact or server restart isn’t performed.

Check out the article and take a look at your restart schedule to see if it needs to be more than once a year.

Reference: What will happen to the Domino server if it was not restarted more than 248 days?


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