Domino V11 New Web Authentication Options

HCL Domino I have upgraded my lab server to Domino V11 and have started checking some of the new features out. First up, the new option to authenticate web users with their Notes ID passwords from the ID Vault. This is a really nice feature that is working as designed. This basicall allows you to not use the Internet password field for users that have their IDs in the vault, so that’s one less place you have to maintain a password - nice!

There are three options when configuring this in the Server Configuration document’s Security tab:

Check internet password in directory Basically, the same pre-V11 behavior, it uses the Internet password field in the Person doc
Check internet password in vault Uses the Notes ID password in the ID Vault. If the user isn’t in the vault, they won’t get authenticated. This is an issue for anyone that doesn’t have an ID.
Check vault first, then directory The method you want to use if you’ve got people with IDs and people without. Checks the Vault first and then the person doc if they aren’t in the vault.

I’ve tested both vaulted users and users that aren’t in the vault with the third configuration option. I’m happy to report that in my limited testing (browser only) that this is working as designed.

I’ll be testing some other features and will report back on what I find.

Reference: HCL Documentation

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