Convert R5 Mail to Single Copy Template

Started the final piece of the 6.5 upgrade last night - upgrading DWA users to the 6.5 template - using a Single Copy template, of course. Just one small issue - the convert task kept the “Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify” checkbox on some items checked when they were added to the user’s mail file. And then after running the design task, those items were duplicated. That led to some ugly mail files in the morning.

So now, I’m trying to figure out the best way to remove the design elements from the user’s that were updated last night.

As far as the future upgrades, here’s how to workaround the problem

  • Convert the R5 mail files to a standard D6 template, i.e. iNotes6.ntf.

load convert mail/*.nsf * inotes6

  • Convert the newly minted D6 mailfile to your SCT template, i.e. sct_iNotes654.ntf

load convert mail/*.nsf * sct_inotes654

  • Check the design to be sure no elements have the No Refresh column checked. Mostly the items are views, so that’s a good place to look.

  • Run the Design task on the mail files/folder you just converted to replace the elements with pointers to the SCT template.

load design -d mail" or "load design -f mail/jsmith.nsf

  • Run Compact to reclaim the space the design was using.

This worked in my testing today to avoid the unwanted “No refresh”. Now I just need to work on repairing the 400 or so files that weren’t so lucky.


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