Ocean Water a Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

My son, Andrew, has cystic fibrosis and has been seeing a decrease in his lung function that his doctor’s don’t understand. He’s a very active kid, either playing outside with his friends, playing Little League, or school sports (flag football and now lacrosse?!). His activity level, and lack of bretahing problems don’t support the lung function test results he’s getting. My wife and I think he’s figured out how to make the “nice loop” for the PFT test and stopping, and his smirk a couple nights ago may confirm that. His doctor’s are concerned it’s something more serious and want to possibly put him on IV therapy that would require him having an IV port put in him - something we would like to avoid if not necessary.

This morning’s check of CNN found the announcement of a therapy that may increase his lung function with just an inhaled therapy of sterile ocean water called hypertonic saline. The story of it’s discovery is interesting, but the bottom line of the possibility of drug companies not making it for lack of a profit is disturbing to say the least.