IBM Cnx 5.5 CR1 and WAS update - something to remember

I was updating a Connections 5.5 environment to CR1 today and part of the process is updating WebSphere to The installs all went very smoothly untill we went to verify the updates by launching the site. We saw the always generic “We are unable to process your request” message hitting the homepage. Off to the SystemOut.log!

Looking at the logs, I saw a series of SSL Handshake errors and then it hit me - the Java policy files to handle the large SSL key size must have been overwritten. I need to remember that they will be overwritten during an update like this.

Checking the <WAS_install_location>\java\jre\lib\security folder verified that the files had been replaced. Once we replaced them with the correct version and restarted WebSphere we were able to login successfully.

Now to finish the testing!

UPDATE: Rainer asked where the updated policy files were downloaded from. I used this IBM link to download them (login required) and chose the first option that included the j9 VM2.6 version. Use the java -version command in the WAS Java folder to confirm that the JVM matches the versions listed there.

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