IBM Docs Mapping CIFS Drives

Working on a Docs 2.0 install and came across some strange issues when setting up the servers to map drives to the Windows file share. On some servers, the drives mapped as expected, while others didn’t. No errors were logged in the Windows Event Viewer.

For reference, the documentation from IBM we followed is here. (Note: This is now a link to HCL documentation)

To determine what was going on, I edited the cifsmount.bat to include some “logging” output to see if anything was happening we couldn’t see when the task ran. Oddly enough, I found messages like this:

X: has a remembered connection to \\fileserver\CnxData. Do you want to overwrite the remembered connection? (Y/N) [Y}:

So, WIndows was trying to do what we asked, it just had a mapping in its memory and needed a response.

To fix this I altered the cifsmount.bat file to 1- delete any mappings for the drives I’m using, and 2 - added a “/y” to the net use line so that it would default to Yes for any prompts.

net use X: /delete
net use /y X: \\fileserver\DocsData >>d:\logs\mountX.log

I kept the logging in so we can check if there are issues in the future.

Hope this helps someone else.

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