Convert R5 Mail to Single Copy Template

Started the final piece of the 6.5 upgrade last night - upgrading DWA users to the 6.5 template - using a Single Copy template, of course. Just one small issue - the convert task kept the “Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify” checkbox on some items checked when they were added to the user’s mail file. And then after running the design task, those items were duplicated. That led to some ugly mail files in the morning. [Read More]

Notes/Windows Single Logon Password Issues

We’ve been hit hard by this issue: Single Logon: In a multi-user installation, a user’s Notes.INI file is altered after changing the operating system password You are part of a multi-user Notes installation, but, after you change your operating system password using CTRL-ALT-DEL, you are presented with the Notes Client Configuration wizard. Why did this happen? Part of the issue has been user and helpdesk education. Part has been a recent change in security culture that has caused user problems. [Read More]

Domino Custom Password Policy

I hadn’t noticed this yet, probably since we just did the 6.5.4 Domino upgrade, but there is now the option to set custom password policies for Notes users. Thanks to some Italian legislation this has been added. So now you can set minimum and maximum lengths, whether or not usernames can be part of the password, force special characters, numeric characters, etc. You can also force a user to change his password the first time he logs in to Notes! [Read More]