IBM Cnx 5.5 CR1 and WAS update - something to remember

I was updating a Connections 5.5 environment to CR1 today and part of the process is updating WebSphere to The installs all went very smoothly untill we went to verify the updates by launching the site. We saw the always generic “We are unable to process your request” message hitting the homepage. Off to the SystemOut.log! Looking at the logs, I saw a series of SSL Handshake errors and then it hit me - the Java policy files to handle the large SSL key size must have been overwritten. [Read More]

Changing Passwords and Learning Management System Using Domino LDAP

Here’s a little trick that may come in handy for some shops using Lotus LMS and Domino LDAP. We’ve got quite a few users using LMS that don’t have email for one reason or another. This presents the issue of how to get them to change their password after their initial login. Of course we can’t force the change…yet…, but we can give them a link to the change password URL of a Domino server so they can be told to change it and actually be able to change it. [Read More]