view.AutoUpdate is your friend

In perusing the recent Knowledge Base articles (yes, I said “perusing”), there have been a couple of posts where the resolution is to set the view.AutoUpdate parameter to “False” in the code. I know that others more “developer-y” than I have said this in Lotusphere sessions, and I’m sure at other conferences as well, but evidently Lotus support wants us to take note.

I think it comes down to this - any time you’re going through a set of documents using the GetFirstDocument and/or GetNextDocument methods, don’t allow view updates. In some instances, performance will just get dragged, but in others you might get an infinite loop - which also isn’t very good for performance from what I hear. When you’re all done with your processing, though, don’t forget to view.Clear to allow updates to proceed.

Links to the articles:

Note: Links are probably broken since the sale to HCL

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