SMTP Mail tries to route to A record instead of MX

We’ve seen this at a couple of clients recently running Domino 8.0.x. A user sends an email to a known, valid email address and it gets rejected. The user receives a Delivery Failure Report with a generic “SMTP Permanent Error” message. We get involved and look at the log and notice that the server which the message was sent to was “”. Looking up the MX records, we find that the MX record should be mail. [Read More]

SNTT: Creating Quickr Entry Places

In a tweet a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Chris W and I were testing out creating Quickr Entry places, and how much fun admins have creating XML. To create an entry place you use a qptool command that requires either individual user email addresses, or you can use an XML file to create places in batch mode. Gee, seems like fun, manually creating and XML file that looks like (adapted from the Quickr InfoCenter): [Read More]

SNTT: Sending New Users a Welcome Email

I’ve been using this agent for a few months to send new users a welcome email that includes links to common tips on using Notes, a link to the Tips database, and a link the email signature creator application. The sent message is “prettified” with HTML, so it looks nice. It’s also personalized to the user. There’s always room for improvement, specifically, moving the actual message text into a document to make it easier to maintain. [Read More]
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DST and Mail Agents

I was prepping for the DST agents yesterday and thought, “Hey, this would make a great tip.” Seems that Susan Bulloch thought so as well and beat me to the punch. Check out her post on how to build the text file used by the centralized agent. One other item that I’ll add is that sometimes the mailfiles in the Domino Directory don’t have the .nsf extension on them, and the technote at least indicates that this is required. [Read More]
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Daylight Saving Time and iSeries

One of the things that is different on the iSeries from Windows is the DST setting. For a long time, making the change was a manual process done by the unlucky operator that works the Saturday graveyard shift. And woe to the operator that didn’t bring down Domino so it could pick up the time change. That has changed with V5R3 so that now iSeries will automatically make the change - convenient now that we have the DST change coming. [Read More]

Domino Server Security Setting

Going through the Notes discussion forum yesterday, I came upon a discussion questioning why access is different between NRPC and HTTP clients. The question was why a user couldn’t access a server using a Notes client, but could using a browser. The responses thus far had pointed the user to the correct place to look - a deny access group that the user had been added to inadvertantly. I was surprised to see the responder say that NRPC and HTTP access is controlled differently, but not mention that it had been changed in a recent release. [Read More]
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SNTT: Desktop Policies and Mail Templates

OK, so I’m taking advantage of the West coast time frame and sneaking this in under the wire. When you’re editing your Desktop policy’s Mail Template Information section, be sure to have a copy of the template you specify on your local machine. If you don’t, you’ll get an error when the field is validated. The intent it to be sure that the file exists on the server, but it only looks at the local drive. [Read More]

SNTT: Multi Version on iSeries

It’s still Thursday here, so I can still categorize it as SNTT. I got an email from someone who attended my session at the ADMIN2006 conference regarding multi-versioning and how to configure a new server to use an older release of Domino. Here’s the email (not a native English writer, so be nice): We have got i5 with Domino 6.5.4 and 7 running. How can I install a new 6. [Read More]
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SNTT: How Many Mail.boxes Do You Need

Here’s a tip from one of the sessions I gave at ADMIN2006. We all know that to allow the best performance for mail routing, you want to have multiple mail.boxes, and that usually means setting the number to 2 mail.boxes. The question then becomes, how do you determine when it’s time to increase the number of mail.boxes to increase performance again, other than by “feel.” There are two statistics that we’ll want to look at which provide the values for a calculation, but in order to monitor them, you’ll need to already have enabled at least two mail. [Read More]
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Domino Custom Password Policy

I hadn’t noticed this yet, probably since we just did the 6.5.4 Domino upgrade, but there is now the option to set custom password policies for Notes users. Thanks to some Italian legislation this has been added. So now you can set minimum and maximum lengths, whether or not usernames can be part of the password, force special characters, numeric characters, etc. You can also force a user to change his password the first time he logs in to Notes! [Read More]