SNTT: Creating Quickr Entry Places

In a tweet a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Chris Whisonant and I were testing out creating Quickr Entry places, and how much fun admins have creating XML. To create an entry place you use a qptool command that requires either individual user email addresses, or you can use an XML file to create places in batch mode. Gee, seems like fun, manually creating and XML file that looks like (adapted from the Quickr InfoCenter): [Read More]

Quickr's Dirty Little Secret

We’ve had a Quickr install for a little while. It works nicely, runs on iSeries/System i, or whatever it’s called this year. Just using LDAP pointing to our Domino LDAP server. We acquired a company that’s a pretty heavy MS shop and wanted to be able to add their users to Quickr places that we created. It’s simple, right? Create a directory assistance doc that points to their AD server and off you go. [Read More]