Quickr's Dirty Little Secret

We’ve had a Quickr install for a little while. It works nicely, runs on iSeries/System i, or whatever it’s called this year. Just using LDAP pointing to our Domino LDAP server. We acquired a company that’s a pretty heavy MS shop and wanted to be able to add their users to Quickr places that we created. It’s simple, right? Create a directory assistance doc that points to their AD server and off you go.

Not quite.

First, just because Domino can do Directory Assistance, and it works from other Domino apps, doesn’t mean Quickr will use it. Apparently, Quickr only likes one directory flavor at a time, either all NSF based directories, or a similar flavored LDAP directory. No mingling allowed, at least what I’ve found out so far. Oh, and if you want to use a secondary NSF directory with Quickr, the LDAP directory needs to have a Notes.ini variable set, Inet_Authenticate_With_Secondary=1. And you’ll need to restart the Quickr server for it to take effect.

So, how do we get this to work? I’m waiting for confirmation from IBM, but it looks like I’ll need to use Tivoli Directory Integrator to pull the user data from AD into an NSF database and then we can use Domino LDAP to authenticate. However, I’m still not clear on if/how we get the passwords out of AD into the NSF. I understand there’s a piece in TDI that watches for password changes, but I haven’t found anything yet that says how the initial load handles the passwords. It’s off to our resident TDI guy to ask questions…

Stay tuned once I get more information…


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