Sametime Proxy 11.5 and Wildcard TLS Certs

I’m working on a new Sametime 11.5 install and was setting up the Sametime Proxy. The install went very smoothly, but it came time to setup the TLS and the client uses a wildcard certificate. The HCL documentation is written to use the JKS (Java Key Store) format, which it notes is a propietary format even though PKCS12 is also supported in Tomcat. Interestingly, the APNS certs included with Sametime Proxy are in the PKCS12 format as well. [Read More]

Issue with Sametime Proxy 9.0.1 and Chrome 83

I received a call from a client that has Sametime 9.0.1 running in their environment and the issue was a user couldn’t login to the Sametime Proxy site any longer. I tested it and it was working fine, and at that point only one person had complained. We eventually determined that the issue was if the user was using the Chrome browser and they had just updated to the latest version (83 if you’re keeping score). [Read More]

Sametime Proxy Login Errors

A long-time customer contacted me today about an issue they were having with their Sametime Proxy. Users could login just fine from the Notes and Sametime clients, but users from Connections and mobile phones were getting the message “Chat is temporarily unavailable.” Looking through the logs on the ST Proxy didn’t give any useful messages, just CommunityServ W CLFRX0030E: Login is not completed in 30 seconds. User "" will be logged out. [Read More]

Note to self: Host name is case-sensitive when deploying Sametime servers

Working on a Sametime install for a client and it’s been a little while. I created the Community server deployment plan and started the install on the Community Server. The hostname is kindly populated for me from the OS. It’s got some letters in upper case, but no worries. I click the Next button to get the list of available deployment plans and nothing, zip, nada shows in the window. Hmmm. [Read More]