Observations on Upgrading to v10.0.1 - Domino, Traveler, Verse on Prem

I spent a little time this morning upgrading a Domino server from 10.0 to 10.0.1. Upgrading Domino, Traveler and Verse on Prem took about 15 minutes. Got to love those simple upgrades. Only wish some other products were that simple. That isn’t to say there wasn’t any issue. This was a Windows box and when the Domino service started, it failed with an error. Event viewer said the error number was 7024, but didn’t offer any help at all. [Read More]

IBM Traveler - A Note On Upgrading

So IBM Traveler is now available. We’ve been waiting on it to upgrade our internal server that was on an older version, mostly due to the issue that Detlev posted about in December. That is “fixed” in this release, however my experience upgrading revealed that it wasn’t so much fixed as the command that you need to issue to resolve the error was enabled for use. So, after upgrading Traveler from the . [Read More]

Android Att Traveler Getting Them to Play Nice

So, if you’re a Lotus Notes user who bought an Android device on the AT&T network, you probably want to try out Lotus Traveler. Unfortunately, when you try to install Traveler on your device, you’ll get a rude awakening. AT&T doesn’t like apps that aren’t in the market and they block you from installing it. That’s where a nice app called Sideload Wonder Machine comes in. This post will cover using it on Windows to install Lotus Traveler, and another post will cover Mac (and Linux). [Read More]