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IBM Cnx 5.5 CR1 and WAS update - something to remember

I was updating a Connections 5.5 environment to CR1 today and part of the process is updating WebSphere to The installs all went very smoothly untill we went to verify the updates by launching the site. We saw the always generic “We are unable to process your request” message hitting the homepage. Off to the SystemOut.log! Looking at the logs, I saw a series of SSL Handshake errors and then it hit me - the Java policy files to handle the large SSL key size must have been overwritten. [Read More]

Location Document Mailserver Field - What Not to Use

Working with a client recently on some policy setting updates and we ran into an issue where the new policy wasn’t taking effect on his client. We made the change to the policy (in this case an Archive policy) and could see that it had been processed and applied to the mail file. Checking the user’s Notes client, the link to the Archive was not showing up. I opened up the ($Policies) view in the user’s local names. [Read More]

Installing Domino on Linux - Resolving Missing Requirements

Recently, I was installing the Domino 9.0 Social Edition on a new CentOS 6 Linux install. It started very smoothly, the CentOS install went very well and the system updates worked flawlessly. I prepped the notes user and group and was ready to install the Domino code. Then it came to a screeching stop. The installer stopped with the message below: To run this installer you need 32bit (i686) packages installed on your 64 bit Linux Redhat. [Read More]
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A New Day

After 4 1⁄2 great years, I have left GBS to start a new chapter in my professional life. My time at GBS (Lotus911 included) was a great time for me professionally and personally, getting to work with an incredible group of talented professionals and making some great friends. However, as someone said, change is good. Now is that time for me. I have joined the team at Best Methods as of today and will be helping to expand and extend the Collaboration Solutions reach with the team there. [Read More]

Missing Rules Tab in Server Document?

Admittedly, this is an issue that is a fringe, but thought I’d post it just in case. Yesterday, I was working to configure a client’s server to use mail journaling. Everything was going smooth until I went to edit a server configuration document to add the mail rule for a couple of servers. The Rules tab was missing. I was on the Admin client, so I tried it from the Notes client and the tab showed up. [Read More]

Join Me Next Week for a GROUP Talk Webcast

Please join me next week for a GROUP Talk webcast on “Two Minute Drills for Administrators” where I’ll reprise my presentation from this year’s PACLUG event. The event will be at 11am EDT on September 7. This webcast will give you some tools to manage and maintain servers and users by teaching you easy, two-minute drills to implement in your office! Discussions will focus on Notes/Domino, Quickr, Sametime, and even Connections! [Read More]

Blackberry SRP Changes This Weekend

If you have a BES in the US, you’re going to want to check your SRP configuration on the BES to make sure it will still work properly after May 28. RIM is changing some IP addresses that will affect your users. First off, check the BES configuration and make sure that the Blackberry Router configuration is pointing to us.srp.blackberry.com and not another host name. Next, run the SRP test and make sure that you see that a successful connection is made to the following new IP addresses: 216. [Read More]

Android Att Traveler Getting Them to Play Nice

So, if you’re a Lotus Notes user who bought an Android device on the AT&T network, you probably want to try out Lotus Traveler. Unfortunately, when you try to install Traveler on your device, you’ll get a rude awakening. AT&T doesn’t like apps that aren’t in the market and they block you from installing it. That’s where a nice app called Sideload Wonder Machine comes in. This post will cover using it on Windows to install Lotus Traveler, and another post will cover Mac (and Linux). [Read More]

Domino won't let that user on to the server? Try this...

Have you ever deleted a user from Domino and added them to the Deny Access group only to have HR come back and say, “We’ve rehired John Doe and he needs back into Notes right now.” Of course you have, and if you’ve ever done this, you may have come across an issue trying to get the user connected back in after removing their name from the Deny Access group and trying to get the user setup in Notes again. [Read More]

Directory Assistance - Watch for Design Changes

Working on an issue with directory assistance this morning - an admin had created a new directory database to support external users and added it to the existing DA.nsf. While testing the database, the test external users couldn’t login - got an invalid password error everytime. Reviewing the configurations, everything looked fine. I got involved and enabled debug_directory_assistance=1 and debug_namelookup=1 and started testing. The debug output revealed that the search wasn’t hitting the new directory database, even though a “show xdir” showed it was there and further checking revealed it was configured as expected. [Read More]