Things I Noticed Today - July 10

On occasion I will post about a few things I’ve noticed and interested me on the interwebs. Read on for today’s collection.

Pssst. Mobile Passport is the best-kept secret in air travel. - I’ve used this with my family returning from Europe. We walked past everyone else standing in the “regular” line and walked up to the customs agent in the Mobile Passport line and were through in a few minutes. If you don’t have Global Entry, this is really nice.

3 Superbadges You Need to Become a SUPER #AwesomeAdmin - I’ve already earned the Superbadges in the article, but if you haven’t already earned them yourself, getting in the drawing for a free cert exam should be enough of a push.

Changing how Google Drive and Google Photos work together - If you sync your Google Photos to Google Drive, how that works is changing soon due to the ever-popular (and suspicious) “user feedback.” Read up on what’s changing.

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