Salesforce Idea Prioritization Time

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It’s time to get in and help prioritize the top ideas in the Salesforce IdeaExchange. The deadling is 11pm PDT on June 1. Visit the IdeaExchange prioritization site and use your 100 coin allowance to choose among the top ideas that could make it into a future release of Salesforce. These ideas have been submitted by customers and then up-voted by the community before finally being selected by the Product Management folks to be voted on.

There are ideas across most clouds/categories in Salesforce, including Sales, Service, Lightning, Analytics, and Communities. There are lots of good ideas to pick from and allot coins to depending on how much an idea means to you.

If enough people contribute to the prioritization, Salesforce will be making a contribution to Habitat for Humanity, so now you’ve got another reason to logon and start prioritizing.

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