Salesforce Idea Prioritization Time

It’s time to get in and help prioritize the top ideas in the Salesforce IdeaExchange. The deadling is 11pm PDT on June 1. Visit the IdeaExchange prioritization site and use your 100 coin allowance to choose among the top ideas that could make it into a future release of Salesforce. These ideas have been submitted by customers and then up-voted by the community before finally being selected by the Product Management folks to be voted on. [Read More]

Salesforce Business Date Formula

Just putting this here so I remember it if I ever need it in the future. There was a Trailblazer community post I came across and thought “I can do that” - and it looks like I did. The OP had a formula he was using to calculate 5 business days before an event date and now needed to change the calculation to 9 days prior. The OP wasn’t sure how to do it. [Read More]

Salesforce Custom Report Type for Object Metadata

Last week, I was working on a few year-end items, one of which was maintaining my Salesforce Admin certification. Three times a year, Salesforce puts a release out and to maintain your certifications you must complete maintenance which is done on their excellent Trailhead platform. It’s a module and there is a challenge at the end that must be completed to pass. This was my first time going through the certification maintenance. [Read More]

Certified for Salesforce!

Like a few others in the Yellowverse, I’ve been playing around in the Salesforce Trailhead environment for a while. Apparently, it’s been over 2 years. This year, I’ve been looking at it more seriously and decided to get certified as an Admin. I’ve been working in Trailhead mostly and it’s fantastic, it’s a great way to get introduced to the Salesforce platform and learn by doing and not just reading documentation or watching videos. [Read More]